ASP.Net is one of the most steady server-side scripting languages in the technology domain as it associate ability to interact strongly with customized web applications. ASP.Net is a champion among the most trustworthy server-side scripting vernaculars in the advancement space as it relates ability to communicate unequivocally with adjusted web applications Our innovative

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Microsoft point is a collaboration and document management platform that provides secure environment that administrators can configure to provides personalized access to documents and other information.


Microsoft office 365 is a cloud based productivity platform developed by Microsoft that brings email, calendar, conferencing, cloud storage, collaboration and mobile apps in a cross- platform environment.


Microsoft Dynamics customer Relationship management (CRM) is a business suite developed my Microsoft that helps develop leads nurture contacts, tracks your sales and keep your customers happy.


EWS provides access to Microsoft exchange items such as calendars, contacts and email, EWS allows admins to store, retrieve more and modify email and related data for a single/ group of users.

.Net App

ASP.NET is a course of action of Web improvement devices offered by Microsoft. Programs like Visual Studio .NET and Visual Web Developer permit Web engineers to make dynamic sites utilizing a visual interface. Obviously, developers can compose their own particular code and scripts and fuse it into ASP.NET sites also. In spite of the fact that it frequently observed as a successor to Microsoft’s ASP programming innovation, ASP.NET likewise bolsters Visual Basic.NET, JScript .NET and open-source dialects like Python and Perl.

The .NET improvement devices can be utilized to make applications for both the Windows working framework and the Web. Programs like Visual Studio .NET give a visual interface to engineers to make their application which makes .NET a sensible decision for planning Web-based interfaces also.

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